Partner in Tax specializes in providing tax counselling to private individuals. The tax advice consists out of filling in tax declarations, requesting allowances (toeslagen) and writing appeal forms. During this consultation not only the current situation will be take into consideration, but also the future developments to ensure that these developments can be dealt with in the most beneficial way for tax purposes.

When you choose Partner in Tax as your tax consultant, you can be sure that all the fiscal possibilities will be used to your maximal benefit. The small investment in a tax consultant will help you to understand the tax system which will help you to claim the tax returns you deserve.

When you hire Partner in Tax you know that your taxes are done by a professional. You only have to collect the required documents which you can find in the checklist and make an appointment. The tax declaration can be filled in at your house and takes between 30 to 60 minutes.

At your service,

B.B.M. Meurs